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Titanium Dioxide
Roadmarking Resins

As a dedicated working collective of GTD, Inc. we are very carefully selecting new suppliers, manufactures and trading partners, which we will later represent and work with. Our group of professionally trained specialists studies all necessary information about product(s) we offer and sell, such as: MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet), DSS (Data Specification Sheet), HMDS (Hazardous Material Data Sheet) and every other document required for such substance by local government or international trading rules.

GTD, Inc. acknowledges the importance in doing the small routine tasks right every time. GTD, Inc. customers recognize our professionalism and our perfectionism. That's what sets us apart from other distributors. It is obligatory to make sure samples are available and comply with provided specifications. We understand importance of precise information provided to our clients, and always present only accurate descriptions of goods.

If you need more data than what is available on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions and concerns.

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